Remote Kickoff Conference SPP RATIO (Phase 2)


Conference Booklet         Presentations
9:00-9:15 hrs. Welcoming
9:15-9:40 hrs. The Bayesian Approach to Robust Argumentation Machines
9:40-10:05 hrs. ACQuA-2.0: Answering Comparative Questions with Arguments
10:05-10:20 hrs. Break
10:20-10:45 hrs. BEA: Building Engaging Argumentation
10:45-11:10 hrs. CAML-2: Causality, Argumentation and Machine Learning
11:10-11:35 hrs. CUEPAQ: Visual Analytics and Linguistics for Capturing, Understanding, and Explaining Personalized Argument Quality
11:35-11:50 hrs. Break
11:50-12:15 hrs. FAME: A Framework for Argument Mining and Evaluation
12:15-12:40 hrs. INAS: Interactive Argumentation Support for the Scientific Domain of Invasion Biology
12:40-13:05 hrs. LARGA: Learning Argumentation Axioms from Monological and Dialogical Texts
9:00-10:00 hrs. Invited Speaker - Henry Prakken
10:00-10:15 hrs. Break
10:15-10:40 hrs. MARDY-2: Modeling Argumentation Dynamics in Political Discourse
10:40-11:05 hrs. OASiS: Objective Argument Summarization in Search
11:05-11:30 hrs. Open Argument Mining
11:30-11:45 hrs. Break
11:45-12:10 hrs. ACCEPT: Prespectivized Argument Knowledge Graphs for Deliberation Support
12:10-12:35 hrs. ReCAP-II: Information Retrieval and Case-Based Reasoning for Robust Deliberation and Synthesis of Arguments–Architecture and Applications
12:35-13:00 hrs. RAND: Reconstructing Arguments from Newsworthy Debates
13:00-13:15 hrs. Closing